About Us

About Us

 GreenBuldingCapitalist.com is a 100% content driven website dedicated to educate people on how home and building owners can save money and builders can make money by utilizing environmentally responsible materials and appliances.

Green Building Capitalist also calls for an agreed upon set of Green Building Standards to be utilized nationwide and worldwide while accounting for regional and environmental differences.

The premise of GreenBuildingCapitalist.com is that people think and act with their checkbooks.  Therefore the best way to persuade a builder or buyer to pay attention to Green Building is to convince them that they can either make or save money by creating a better, more sustainable environment. Our website is dedicated to this quest.

As we continues to grow, we will include information and reviews on products that are both, sustainable and profitable.  Several world experts on green building and sustainability will be volunteering their insights on sustainability and the environment in the next few months.

“We all know that our resources are finite. Every first grader is taught that in school. Our contention is that we continue to use natural resources like they are infinite and if we don’t all act immediately, our children and grand children may be presiding over the unstoppable destruction of our planet,” Fisher goes on to say.

Whatever your view, if you have something constructive to say regarding Green Building. GreenBuildingCapitalist.com welcomes your comments. Agree, disagree, it really doesn’t matter as long as you have an opinion.

We can’t wait for the politicians to do their job, so it is up to us to do it for them.

This is our planet and we want GreenBuildingCapitalist.com inspire and motivate people into conversation and action.

Steven M. Fisher

Executive Editor


The Green Building Editorial Staff

Robbie Abed, Senior Editor, Green Building Capitalist

Eric Ellingson, Features Editor, Green Building Capitalist

Linda Wu, Products Editor

Jamie Erz, Assistant

Contributing Editors

Gale C. Steves, Open House Productions

Nancy Doron, President, MIT Enterprise Forum Chicago

Jennifer Lee, China Green Building Coalition

Scott Thomas, Sustainable Furniture Council


John Denniston, Partner, Greentech, KPCB

Bryan Maynard, Brand Manager, Whirlpool Corporation


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