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Broan Ceiling Fans – Now With the Energy Star Logo

Published: Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Here is one thing we can all agree on, homeowners are always on the lookout for smart technology that makes their lives easier and saves them money.

I never really put ceiling fans into that category until visiting the Broan booth at the International Builder Show.  They now have a line of Humidity Sensing Recessed Fan/Lights that carry the ENERGY STAR® logo.

The fan may look like a simple recessed light, but inside is a quiet, concealed fan with a humidity sensor that automatically turns ON when moisture is detected.

BROAN Humidity Sensing Recessed Fan-Light

The Humidity Sensing Recessed Fan/Light features a technology that helps to ensure that moisture is effectively exhausted at the source by automatically ridding the room of excess humidity.

The Broan Recessed Fan/Light is a very effective and inconspicuous way to control excess humidity and moisture, especially in the bathroom. The fan turns ON when it senses a quick jump in humidity and turns OFF automatically, helping to cut down on wasteful energy costs. The fan looks like a recessed light, so it can blend in anywhere.

According to the EPA, the key to mold control is moisture control.  So this fan does double duty by protecting you bathroom from mold and mildew caused by excess humidity and saving money.  If there is a rapid rise in humidity within the room, the Humidity Sensing Recessed Fan/Light automatically turns ON to exhaust excess moisture and turns OFF after the job is done.   This is also ideal for those of us who frequently forget to turn the fan ON or OFF

Another one of their fans we like is the LoProfile Fan, which is designed for multi-family construction and renovation.   It can be easily installed between 2×4 wall studs. The LoProfile Fan includes a 4-inch oval duct connector and a transition for 4-inch oval to 3-inch round ducts. The technical jargon is that the fan operates at a powerful 80 CFM and at a very quiet 1.1 Sones.

The LoProfile Fan is designed to fit in places with limited spaces.  This makes it a great retrofit solution.  Broan-Nutone expects this quiet, energy-efficient fan to be popular among remodelers and multi-family builders and developers.

Here are the specs:  the Lo Profile Fan is HVI certified to move at least 50 CFM of air at 0.25” of static pressure, thus exceeding the ASHRAE 62.2 minimum intermittent local ventilation requirement. ASHRAE 62.2 is a requirement of most green building certifications frequently sought by multi-family developers.

We recommend you the Broan line of Energy Star rated ventilation fans. They fit our criteria for products that we love because they are energy efficient, qualify for most Green Building certifications, do their job well and look good.  You can view all their Energy Star rated products at



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