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Who Buys Green Homes?

Published: Monday, August 15th, 2016

People who buy green homes can’t easily be lumped into one category. They buy for different reasons. A family may find a green home appealing because they want their kids to grow up in a healthy home without allergens and toxins. Empty-nesters may be attracted to the cheaper utility bills.  Environmentalists focus on the sustainability aspect.  For most, it is a combination of all of the above.

For a growing number of consumers, green building is not a hard sell. These consumers have done their research; they’re concerned about reducing their ecological impact on the environment. They understand that energy-efficient homes can help alleviate global warming and soaring gas prices even more than their hybrid cars can. In many cases they are more knowledgeable than the homebuilder and can shop around for green features.

The key to buying or selling a green homes is to understand the values that a consumer holds and what motivates them to buy green products. Simply put, the best way to market green building is to educate homebuyers on its benefits.  Our mission is to educate everyone on the benefits.

We know that sustainability and environmental benefits won’t resonate with everyone. However, if you frame the benefits of green homes in terms of indoor air quality, comfort, and economy, you’re more likely to convince buyers that green homes have a direct impact on their health, happiness, and quality of life.

The term, “energy recovery ventilators” means nothing to most consumers, but if you say that you can lower utility bills and have fresher indoor air, then everyone understands. The more relevant you can make green building to consumers, the more they’ll recognize its value.

With the rising costs of energy, it makes sense to go for green buildings that look at efficient insulation and energy conservation.  This results in long term savings for both owners and the environment. It is a known fact that properly built green homes can end up being 30-50% more energy efficient than conventionally built homes. Imagine the savings in energy bills alone!

While people building new homes may argue that green homes cost more,  if you amortize the overall cost of the project in its entire life cycle actually, the green home will actually save you much more by way of operating costs over the years.

An integrated and comprehensive home design results in comfort, durability, energy savings, and an overall improvement in the health of the occupants. Green buildings provide their owners benefits such as long term cost savings, peace of mind and better performance over time. They are aesthetically pleasing, durable and easy to maintain.

Green home reduces waste in landfills, pollution, water wastage, as well as preserve the natural environment and help maintain the ecosystem inside and outside the home. They are intelligent investments for the consumer as well as future generations.



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